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2018 Perivale Yard Sale

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Perivale’s first Yard Sale on Sunday 20 May 2018.

Just about 40 brave households around Perivale participated as sellers in the Perivale’s First Yard Sale.  It was a new initiative by the Perivale Festivals Committee, and we hope this will become an annual fixture in the Perivale’s events calendar.

Many locals took a stroll across streets of Perivale, taking advantage of fantastic weather. Bargain hunters came from further afield, as far as Iselworth, but also from neighbouring Greenford, Sudbury and Pitshanger, armed with Google map of the exact locations. Sellers commented that they have not seen so many people walking en masse in the neighbourhood since the previous End of Summer Fayer and Parade in September 2017. 

Anrdea from Jordan Road said :” we had many visitors, many on foot, by bike and by car. .. it costs nothing to put all your stuff out and if you make any money then it’s a bonus. Plus is’t been a lovely day so a chance to sit in the sunshine and chat to the neighbours”. Manijnder in Medway added that she “did get to know more neighbours”.

Magdalena, who helped to organise the Sale said :”I sold a few bits and bobs, but also gave lots of stuff away – it is great to see neighbours helping each other this way. I had an old bike for sale for a couple of pounds and someone who visited my yard passed the information on to other seller. She had her bike stollen recently so I just gave it to her for free. It is lovely to connect with your neighbours this way”. Wendy, next door to Magdalena at Torrington Gardens, was giving stuff away. Surprisingly her collection of Japanese books got the most attention, as well as her two cats busking in the sun unhappy about all the fuss…

It was a good day for collectors of all sorts of things. You could have bought almost everything at the Perivale Yard Sale. Altought there were a few obvious things missing… as we were told by one of the visitors who specialises in collecting old match boxes. Kids definitely had better luck – we saw many toys and books exchanging hands. It was also a chance to show your skills and talents. Larysa at Sunley Gardens put out a collection of soft furnishings made by herself, and a few gardeners sold their own plants to other keen gardeners.

There were lots of things on sale: old and new. And in a true spirit of an old-fashioned neighbourhood yard sale, many neighbours also offered refreshments and cakes to passers-by. Cheers go in particular to those who did not sell in clusters, like Mayada and her family at Coniston Avenue. She put items on sale and offered some beautifully decorated cup cakes, Hopefully her great stall will encourage more participants next year.

It was the first event of this sort in Perivale and it created great buzz in the neighbourhood. There is strong agreement that we should do it again next year. The Perivale Festivals Committee have already received suggestions lots of suggestions on how to make the Perivale Yard Sale a bigger success next year. We also had chance to speak to locals about the Perivale End of Summer Fayer and Parade, which is planned for  Sunday 16 September 2018.

Steve Pound MP for Ealing who visited Perivale at the weekend to attend the Horsenden Farm’s Rural Crafts organised by the Friends of Horsenden Hill said “There is always something interesting happening in Perivale, it is a fantastic community”.

We can’t agree more!

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